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C-RAN boosting 4G extreme speed network

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Under the construction of global 4G & LTE network in last two years, the importance of C-RAN becomes clearer. As a new radio access network architecture, C-RAN guarantees the coordinated system with superior performance, such as LTE Advanced. Compare with the traditional high performance RAN, C-RAN ,low CAPEX & OPEX becomes more competitive solution in the future mobile internet world.

Standing for centralized, cooperative and cloud RAN, the C-RAN concept was introduced first by China Mobile. In its opinion, in order to reduce the OPEX and improve the network efficiency and user perception, the new architecture should be provided with centralized processing, cooperative radio and cloud infrastructure. The number of BTS can be reduced by centralized baseband pool; Spectrum efficiency can be improved by wireless collaboration; And Cloud computing and virtualization can reduce energy consumption.

In other words, BBU Centralization is the key point of C-RAN. BBU Centralization led to reducing demand for new PTN/IP RAN equipment in access layer. Moreover, BBU Centralization drive the demand of “Mobile Front Haul” Equipment. To realize commercial production, various vendors are speeding up research and development in exploitation technology, and production testing. Compared with other vendors solution based on OTN equipment, the active solution of FiberHome can provide with less time delay and jitter. In terms of interconnection this solution would be also showed more flexible, it can be networked with any other existed RRU of different vendors, and also be used in new-built application scenarios. These have already been shown in China mobile test. At the same time FiberHome have already improved his passive and OTN solution to adapt multiple application. Different deployment solutions have their advantages and shortcomings respectively, and they are suitable for specially appointed application scenarios.

As the first time C-RAN centralized purchasing tender in China, FiberHome have taken the 2nd place in Hubei Unicom last month. The result prove that FiberHome is currently the leading C-RAN equipment supplier in China.

From a long term objective, C-RAN should provide green network architecture with low cost and high performance to operators. In the future customers will enjoy wireless broadband services with lower price.

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