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Results of China Telecom's 100G collective purchasing bidding: Biggest Market Share won by FiberHome

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In China Telecom's 100G DWDM/OTN centralized procurement bidding that concluded recently, FiberHome obtained the biggest market share of 40% by ranking first in both technological and overall index.

 As a world's leading operator, China Telecom pays close attention to the overall technological strength of the bidding vendors. Strict reviews were conducted within the four vendors in terms of 100G technology, long-distance transmission capabilities, system testing, and compatibilities of system boards as well as power consumption. As was revealed by the results, FiberHome topped among the four vendors with its overall advantages in advanced technologies.

 The equipment bid by FiberHome, FONST 6000 POTN demonstrated its technological advantages in multiple aspects as follows:

 Excellent Transmission Capabilities: FONST 6000 POTN not only effectively increase the transmission gain of FEC (Forward Error Coding), but also contain large system capacity. In terms of the capacity of electrical cross-connection, its U60 subrack contains 25.6T, which is the highest capacity for now.

 Strong General Applicability: the whole range of devices are characteristic of OTN (Open Transport Network). Their designs of compatibility enable operation both on the single-tasking and multi-tasking conditions, effectively saving CAPEX for operators.


Large Extent of Integration: It's 28nm manufacturing could reduce the number of subracks and thereby help save up in telecom room.

Low Power Consumption: The cutting-edge manufacturing and efficiency in profound consolidation of FiberHome facilitates the birth of 100G OUT system boards, of which the power consumption is lower than 100 Watts, namely 70% of the typical power consumption in the industry.

Convenient System Maintenance: The 100G overall performance monitoring system developed by FiberHome keeps supervision of multiple technical indexes to guarantee the convenience in system maintenance.

FiberHome's optical network products of high speed have been widely accepted by domestic and global markets due to its constant efforts in creating values for the clients.

The advantages of FiberHome stem from its continuous input in creativity. In the fields of 100G network design, station design and nonlinear control, FiberHome has created a series of feasible approaches in response to a large number of practical problems detected from the previous projects. These approaches aid with operators' system architecture and design in building well-planned 100G network. Up to date, FiberHome has contracted with domestic and international operators with over 300 backbones in total. Its technology and service has been widely accepted by the global market.

 Three major China operators started bidding mechanism of 100G DWDM/OTN procurement in 2013. Since then, the bids of FiberHome have gained success for many times. Its technical ranking remains within the top 2 among all bidders. Apart from China, its 100G OTN market is also expanding to South East Asia, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, South America, etc. With its growing strength in all fields, FiberHome is gradually becoming more clients' choice of trust with its optical network products.

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