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Consulting and Planning

1. Strategic decision-making consulting

Transmits industrial insight and rule understanding, core challenges and opportunities, business/profit-making mode, and strategies for various development phases, and provides carriers with effective input in terms of industrial understanding and strategic planning.

Strategic practice analysis and benchmark consulting provide carriers with wide support in making efficient strategic planning, especially strategic practice of leading carriers in the 3G and ICT fields, setting a good example for other carriers and helping them in implementing strategic deployment and achieving a success quickly.

Strategic planning method and planning consulting help carriers in establishing a strategic planning method system, making a strategic planning for a new field, and providing a clear thought of implementing growth and transformation.

2. Information Technology Consulting

Optimizes the network architecture, simplifies the business process, and implements visible operation and maintenance to reduce the TCO greatly.

Helps carriers know the network bottleneck by means of multidimensional network evaluation and user analysis.


Formulates network construction strategies and carries out service deployment-based end-to-end network planning.

Formulates accurate flow management strategies and business development strategies based on multidimensional flow analysis and helps carriers optimize the network flow, increase the flow value, and enhance their competitiveness.


Operation management consulting

Improves the management efficiency of the operation field in a systematic manner, effectively supports the business goals of operation management, improves the service flow, and reduces the operation cost.

Optimizes the UI and interface of organizations, for example, a marketing channel and customer care organization.

Improves the services in relevant fields and effectively utilizes available capital to the maximum, for example, manages new technologies, releases services, improves service transformation, and manages network availability.


3. E-Commerce Consulting

Mobile data service income, including 3G scale development, mobile traffic management, and LTE business development.

Improves the income from investment of the optical fiber network, including ultra-broadband development, national broadband construction and operation, digital home, and IP Video.

ICT/cloud convergence growth, implements cloud platform-based transformation of the BSS/OSS and establishes profitable enterprise ICT services.

Network transformation to all-IP network, including telecommunications ICT architecture, IPv6, IP convergence, and IP security. 

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