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System Integration

1. System integration description

System integration (SI): Various separated devices (for example, PC), functions, and information are integrated to mutually associated, unified, and coordinated systems by using a structured comprehensive cabling system and computer network technologies to implement full sharing and centralized, efficient, and convenient management of resources. System integration shall adopt multiple integration technologies, for example, function integration, BSV liquid crystal splicing integration, comprehensive cabling, network integration, and software interface integration. The key of implementing system integration is to implement interconnection and interoperability of systems. It is an architecture that involves multiple vendors and protocols and faces various applications. To implement system integration, you need to solve all integration-oriented problems, including the problems related to devices, interface between subsystems, protocols, system platform, application software, subsystems, construction environment, construction cooperation, organization and management, and personnel allocation.


As an emerging service mode, system integration is an industry with the strongest development momentum among all information service industries worldwide in recent years. System integration is an optimized comprehensive overall design in essence. The integration of a large-scale comprehensive computer network system involves the integration of the computer software, hardware, operating system technology, database technology, and network communication technology. In addition, the integration involves selection and collocation of products of different vendors. System integration aims to achieve optimal performance. That is, after all components and elements are integrated into an integrated system, this system works properly and features low cost, high efficiency, and even performance. In addition, it is scalable and maintainable. To achieve these purposes, selecting a proper system integration service provider is crucial.

2. FiberHome System Integration Cases

FiberHome has level 1 qualification for computer information system integration, grade A qualification for integration of a computer information system involving national secrets, level 1 qualification for security protection engineering, and comprehensive qualification for road traffic engineering and professional construction undertaking. After years of expansion, the products of FiberHome have been enhanced entirely in three fields, that is, railway, transportation, and information integration, and FiberHome has become a well-known enterprise in the information integration service field. The real-time mobile video system for railway transportation developed by FiberHome is an innovation in China, which has been commercially used in multiple cities. Up to now, FiberHome has become a product supplier and integration service provider that has the most comprehensive resources, most powerful strength, and largest marketing scale in the central and western regions of China.

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