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Network Support

As the rapid development of communications technology in the industry and quick convergence of different technologies and products, the communications network is expanding and becomes increasingly complex which brings huge challenges and risks to the stable operation of networks. FiberHome network security solution provides a range of network support and security services for carriers to help them optimize operation and maintenance management and increase profit by reducing operation cost. Project services aimed at customer perception help carriers locate faults in complex networks in a quick manner and ensure stable operation, which improves the carriers’ competitiveness. Thus, win-win cooperation is achieved.


1. Routine maintenance services

To ensure stable and efficient operation of devices for customers, FiberHome trains customer support staff to improve their technique skills. We offer a range of maintenance technical solution by combining different service projects in accordance with customers’ needs to meet their device maintenance and operation requirements and maintain the stable operation of network, thus, to maximize the potential capacities of the network and bring substantial benefits to them.


Maintenance services include software support and hardware support services. Software support services include Help Desk, Web Access, remote problem handling, remote emergency restoration, onsite technical support, and software update and first-node implementation of software update. Hardware support services include hardware repair and hardware replacement. These services can be flexibly selected to compose a customized solution based on carrier requirements, thereby ensuring high availability of carriers' networks and continuous and steady running of the system.


2. Service after lifecycle

The service after lifecycle assists carriers in guaranteeing network security in the transition period. From the time when a carrier plans the network evolution to the time when a device vendor provides a new solution, FiberHome customizes a competitive maintenance period extension solution for the carrier based on its global service resources after conducting an in-depth feasibility analysis on carrier requirements, meeting customer requirements to the maximum, lengthening the maintenance period of the software and hardware products that are already in the later period of their lifecycles, and maintaining the commercial value of old products.


3. Key-event assurance service



Key-event assurance service refers to the dedicated assurance service provided by FiberHome during the holding of a key event or activity. Three phases are designed for each key event, that is, before an event, during an event, and after an event. Based on the design idea of "laying emphasis on prevention before an event, laying emphasis on assurance during an event, and concluding and solidifying after an event", FiberHome provides carriers with end-to-end key-event assurance service solutions for various scenarios, ensuring that carriers' networks run in a safe and steady manner, thereby ensuring high network performance and excellent service experience. FiberHome has helped carriers in guaranteeing communication during climbing of Mount Zhumulangma and during the Olympics and Asia Games. In addition, FiberHome has contributed a lot in restoring the communication in the area suffering a major natural disaster.



4. Spare Part Management Services



With rapid development of networks, the needs of controlling cost and increasing spare part use rate, reliability of networks and risk mitigation capacity become essential. The spare part management solution is just designed for carriers to achieve high-quality networks with the minimum cost.

FiberHome provides an one-stop spare-part management service solution, including supply of single service interface and spare parts, warehouse network and inventory management, spare part logistics, multi-supplier management, and spare part service integration management. In addition, FiberHome can dispatch spare parts within several hours and promise to guarantee rapid and accurate delivery.

Highlights of Finet-100 Products:

Simplified management and zero inventory of spare parts;

Yearly payment reducing short-term financial pressure;

Single connector for replacing and delivery free from the trouble of management; Inventory management and mitigation of operation security management risks; 

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