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Currently, carriers are facing major challenges of the OTT service and virtual carriers. Many OTT service providers provide services for users and charge them directly, making carriers only have a simple "transmission pipeline" and be far away from sharing the huge values of pipeline transmission. A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology puts forwards the "virtual carrier" reform scheme, which stipulates that basic telecommunications carriers shall cooperate with at least two resale enterprises during the pilot run. Relevant personnel of the industry predict that carriers will further share the territory of traditional telecommunications carriers.

To cope with the challenges of virtual carriers and network channelization, carriers need to centralize their resources and lay emphasis on business innovation and user experience. Both these aspects cannot be implemented without effective operation, maintenance, and management of the network. Network technologies become increasingly complex. Traditional network management process together with manual process cannot meet the high security, high efficiency, and predictability requirements any more. The whole industry must provide a more effective solution.

Currently, one of the network operation and maintenance trends is automatic and intelligent network operation and maintenance, which can help to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency rapidly and effectively. FiberHome has developed a series of intelligent operation and maintenance tools and software, including the PTN comprehensive operation and maintenance tools.

The PTN comprehensive operation and maintenance tools include the PTN automatic routine inspection tool, PTN automatic resource analysis and optimization tool, PTN intelligent assistant fault positioning tool, and PTN intelligent circuit cutover and capacity expansion and reduction tool. China Mobile Sichuan branch and China Mobile Hebei Branch cooperate with FiberHome to develop the PTN comprehensive operation and maintenance system. The following figure shows this system. Necessary data is obtained from the basic network management system through interfaces for comprehensive analysis and evaluation. This intelligent operation and maintenance system presents the network health and network resource conditions about which users concern in a graph or report. In addition, this system adopts the Web access mode to improve the access convenience and operation and maintenance experience for users. 

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