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Management Services

Current situation of the industry:

With rapid growth of the data service and possible increase of the number of end users, carriers need to increase the investment continually to improve the network bandwidth and quality. However, the competition in the communication industry becomes increasingly fierce. As a result, the carriers' income grows at a relatively low speed, and "price scissors" appear gradually. Therefore, carriers are in urgent need of transforming the operation mode. On the one hand, they need to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost continually and lay more emphasis on end users' experience. On the other hand, they need to integrate the value chain, provide more service contents, and improve the ARPU value to implement income growth.

Contents of the Fiberhome International Management (Fim) service:

Entire network operation and maintenance, planning and engineering management, IT operation and maintenance management, network convergence management, and business operation management.

FiberHome provides profession Fim management service. On the one hand, FiberHome assists carriers in improving the operation and maintenance efficiency and network quality, reducing the operation and maintenance cost, and effectively managing the service quality and user experience to allow carriers to focus on their core services. On the other hand, FiberHome provides support for carriers' business operation and helps to enhance carriers' income, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the overall business value.


Customer benefits:

Improves the network quality and operation and maintenance efficiency and reduces the operation cost.

Assistance in increasing the network income: Carriers release non-core resources to enhance the marketing focusing on end users like brand promotion and service innovation, thereby implementing income growth.

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