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  • Consulting and Planning

    1. Strategic decision-making consultingTransmits industrial insight and rule understanding, core challenges and opportunities, business/profit-making mode, and strategies for various development phases, and provides carriers with effective input in terms

  • System Integration

    1. System integration description System integration (SI): Various separated devices (for example, PC), functions, and information are integrated to mutually associated, unified, and coordinated systems by using a structured comprehensive cabling system a

  • Global Delivery

    In the face of ever-increasing competition, economic doldrums and tight squeeze and challenge from the Internet, more and more carriers are seeking lean operation and re-examining their position in the value chain.More and more telecom carriers worldwide

  • Network Support

    As the rapid development of communications technology in the industry and quick convergence of different technologies and products, the communications network is expanding and becomes increasingly complex which brings huge challenges and risks to the stab

  • Enhance The Quality Of Service

    Only an economical and robust network with high expansibility can meet the communications market requirements. Carriers begin to focus on networks which are broadband, packetized, intelligent, open, safe and manageable. The ever-upgrading optical communic

  • Efficient Mobile Network

    Currently, carriers are facing major challenges of the OTT service and virtual carriers. Many OTT service providers provide services for users and charge them directly, making carriers only have a simple "transmission pipeline" and be far away f

  • Management Services

    Current situation of the industry:With rapid growth of the data service and possible increase of the number of end users, carriers need to increase the investment continually to improve the network bandwidth and quality. However, the competition in the co

  • Knowledge Dissemination

    As an expert in the optical communication field, FiberHome devotes itself to providing customers with optimal solutions and spreading the most leading-edge expertise and skills of the optical communication field. FiberHome has 33 years glorious experience


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