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Cable Television Operator

Chinese CATV network as a significant national informationalized infrastructure has become the one with largest number of users of the world over development more than 20 years. The information transmission is currently at the very evolution from unidirectional simplex conformation to bidirectional multiplex conformation, from resource monopoly to resource sharing, and from free-standing system to open system.

As the most top tier information service provider in China, broadcasting & CATV operator has undeviating considering of CATV service as the profit basis and by which, the dominant marketing position can be kept. Meanwhile, more focuses are shifting from traditional CATV service to triple-play industry and by accelerating the deployment of which, the operator intends to consolidate its leading position in the industry as well as enhance profit level more efficiently. The reform from CATV to triple-play is not only of enrichment of service variety, but also and more importantly, the enhancement of user perception and information service level, that future carrier network must be an integrated network with full-service availability, high transmission rate, large bandwidth capacity and high quality service.

FiberHome is dedicating to promote the business with broadcasting & CATV operator in large capacity transmission network represented OTN, advanced IP network, access network represented by FTTx, and full services oriented by DVB+OTT, as well, the comprehensive cooperation with CATV services from provinces on OSP and optical fiber & cable businesses, to confront future opportunities and challenges.

  • Smart Home Solution

    1.1 Smart Home Gateway Solution1.1.1 Requirement AnalysisIn order to meet the developing demand of triple-play, house terminal shall be gradually reformed from simple Internet access device without service management and QoS control, to house gateway prod

  • Broadcasting & CATV Access Network Solution

    1.1 Broadcasting & CATV Bidirectional Network Reform Solution1.1.1 Requirement AnalysisChina has confirmed the strategic development decision of integrating telecommunication network, broadcasting & CATV network and Internet (Triple-play) in 2010.

  • Broadcasting & CATV IP Network Solution

    1.1 Broadcasting & CATV IP MAN Solution1.1.1 Requirement AnalysisCore Layer:MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) core router which takes responsibility of data routing and high-rated forwarding, is generally utilized for inter-connecting with ESR (Edge Ser

  • Broadcasting & CATV Optical Transmission Network Solution

    1.1 Requirement AnalysisIn order to accommodate development of future triple-play full service, the construction of T-bits backbone transmission network becomes consequent for future development of CATV industry. Particularly, there are three kinds of dem


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