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Along with constantly deepening of information construction in government affair, construction of consolidated network platform among institutions, is becoming irrefragably necessary during the development of intercommunication, information sharing and cooperated office manipulation. Under the circumstance, the National E-government Extranet and National E-government Intranet was constructed in response to the requirements. The facilities are not only to represent the window that exhibits government’s image and provides services to citizens, but also to carry varieties of E-government applications over departments, bureaus, committees and offices. The construction of E-government network expedites the transformation of the government from executive-oriented function to service-oriented governing, as well as enhances efficiency of government affair. However, how to constantly optimize the E-government network by providing high level of information security guarantee with risk prevention, and establish the E-government network with high efficiency and stability, still remain as the aspiration that regional governments are dedicating to.

The construction of informationalized smart zone as the significant selection that promotes reform of industrial development pattern and implements sustainable development of social economy, has been rapidly grown up all over China with allegro trend of growth. More and more industrial zones are utilizing this construction juncture to establish their own particular brands, so that to stimulate renovation and development of relative industries, to create new economic point of growth and to enhance competitive power of their industrial zone. The construction of network over such smart zone has thus become the core approach of zone competition enhancement.

The FiberHome Networks keeps dedicating focuses to development and application in government and enterprise networks. By experiences of decades of network design, delivery and operation in telecommunication field, and intensive understandings of requirements from government and enterprise customers, FiberHome Networks provides exclusive end-to-end solutions for them with comprehensive satisfaction on demands from different project constructions in different types. Furthermore, we provide full-matched products fitting in transmission networks, data communication, bandwidth access, optical fiber & cable and telephone exchange & access, etc., with solutions respectively to help the development of government & enterprise networks towards more smart way.

  • Cloud Computing Data Center Solution

    1.1 Requirement AnalysisUnder the background of smart city being extensively introduced all over the world, data center with unified construction by infrastructure and upper application integrated is able to not only enhance operation efficiency for the e

  • Full-optical Smart E-government Network Solution

    1.1 Requirement AnalysisThe explosive development of Internet and U.S. National Information Infrastructure Project has been shaken the world in the end of last century. Simultaneously, the private network for government became flourishing along with the g

  • E-government Optical Transmission Network Solution

    1.1 Requirement AnalysisWith the coming of global informationalized age, the development of construction to E-government intranet and extranet is of blooming trend under the guidance of regional governments. Capabilities of E-government network is current


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